2016 has been an amazing year. I’ve visited 11 countries: The Netherlands (new cities), Belgium, Germany, Denmark*,  Austria, Liechtenstein*, Italy, Vatican City*, France, Spain and Portugal. (Countries that have an  *  are countries that I haven’t visited before 2016). I would like to pick a few of them to tell you about.

Part 1 (NL, DK, FL)

The Netherlands

This year I’ve been to several (new) places in The Netherlands. This month, I visited two Christmas  markets in Leiden and Haarlem. Another amazing city which I visited 3 times this year is The Hague. I visited the Dutch parlaiment, the old city center, the Meermanno museum, het filmhuis and prodemos. Travelling is wonderful, but it’s always nice to return to Holland.


It was the first time for me visiting Denmark. My family and I rent a house in the Mols Bjerge National Park. This is a great location, because it is very close to Aarhus, where you can find a ferry to Copenhagen and an Airport. The nature is the park is wonderful too because of all the animals and plants. I personally saw dears, a fox and several rabbits. The nearest “big” town is Ebeltoft, where you can find the “Fregatten Jylland”. This ship is one of the biggest wooden warships in the world! In the center of Ebeltoft are beautiful houses in all kind of collors.

My biggest surprise was Copenhagen. The Danish capital became one of my favorite European cities in 2016. Beside the highlight like the little mermaid, Amalienborg Palace and Nyhavn does Copenhagen have an amazing atmosphere. What really stands out is that Copenhagen doesn’t have much highrise buildings, which sometimes gives you the feeling being in a small town.


Another new country for me this year was Liechtenstein. This tiny nation between Switzerland and Austria, is quite nice. I didn’t spent much time in Liechtenstein because it’s so small that there’s not that much to see. I visited the capital Vaduz. Vaduz is a small village at the foot of Vaduz Castle, where the Prince Hanz Adam II lives whis his family. Further, I bought the flag of Liechtenstein. (It’s a tradition to me to buy the flag of every country I’ve been to).




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