My Model United Nations experience.

In January 2018 I went on a schooltrip to Bilbao in the Basque Country. It was a fantastic experience. After arriving at the airport we were driven to our hotel which was just between Bilbao and the airport and close to the school were the Model United Nations (MUN) would take place. The first evening we were settling ourselves in our hotelroom en went to a local grocery store to buy some food and drinks. We then finally got to start with the MUN. It al started with a reception in a luxurious hotel near the famous Guggenheim Museum. It wasn’t just listening to formal speeches of the sponsors, but it was also a possibility to socialize with the other students. I got to meet some awesome people from various countries like the USA, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and many more.

The next day the summit started in the Colegio Ayalde. Everyone was a country to represent and a committee  about an important topic. I got to represent Finland in the Economic and Finance committee, which was a bit ironic because my worst subject in school by then was economics. (I’ve now stopped following economic classes 🙂 ). It was fun to meet new people and especially listen to them. The students from my school weren’t told to write an alternative option to solve the issues we were talking about, so I didn’t got to say much as I hadn’t done the research I should have done. After two full days of debating we had a “party” in the tallest building of Bilbao, Iberdrola (the party was ground flour actually). It was pretty fun and even my teacher started to dance xp.

The last day of the MUN was to finish the general assembly. It was quite fun. We were with so many people. The day before a few delegations left after a heavy debate. It was so fun.

After all it was a great experience and it was also quite handy, because I would like to study International Relations and Organizations and the MUN fits quite well. So I’ve met great people, I’ve done amazing things with a fantastic group of people. So I highly recommend participating in the MUN.

After the MUN I stayed in Bilbao for another three days, more about Bilbao and surroundings in one of my next blogs!

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

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