Perfect stop before going north: Flensburg! (City guide)

When you’re from a country such as The Netherlands, like me, going to Scandinavia is a pretty long ride. So you should take at least one stop to spend a night. When I made trips to Denmark and Sweden I made one stop and there’s a German city who is just perfect for a one night layover; Flensburg!

Flensburg is located at the border between Germany and Denmark and it’s a perfect city to make a little stop before going to Scandinavia. The city of Flensburg is located just near the sea and it contains a little bay which ends in the city centre. The centre of town is very pretty with some colorful houses, which are creating Scandinavian vibes already.


In the city centre you can also find many good bars and restaurants. On the Nordermarkt, located near the historical harbor, you can also find traditional German houses. So Flensburg is a vibrant city with influences from both Germany and Scandinavia. It’s a great city to wander around and getting in touch with both the German and the Scandinavian culture. So when you’re going to Scandinavia, you should definitely make a stop in Flensburg.


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